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Reading - J to T Chapters 12-14

The ___ woman tried to find a job to feed her three children.
The prisoners needed ___ after being exposed to various bacterial antibodies. (pg 104)
The bacteria in his leg wound slowly caused ___ and death of the tissue.
The conditions in the prison caused ____ among the inhabitants. (pg 115)
Because he planned to ___ the situation, everyone became angry at him.
The ___, caused by painting the white fence red all day, affected the man greatly.
He ____ tore down the Halloween decorations a day later.
The high school graduate planned to go to the ____ to help others with diseases.
The ____ man tried to work out why he happened to be in a dark alley. (pg 104)
The ___ evacuees played cards in their small barracks without any enthusiasm. (pg 104)
Soil around the internment camp was ___ and could not support a variety of crops. (pg 118)