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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Bible review

This attitude dominated Israel's army when they heard and saw Goliath
"Rock of help"
The dark ages of the children of Israel
Brought David food
The first high priest
The second wife of Elkanah
How did God destroy sinful man
Who brought Absalom back after Amnon's murder
A spy for David
Where did God give many languages
The father of Arabs
Who wrote Exodus
God's chosen leader for conquest into Canaan
Where God gave His people the law
Saul's captain
"going out"
Cursed David
The last judge
The attitude David had when he saw Goliath
David and his men protected this man's flocks
What language was the New Testament written
Told Saul that David had visited Ahimelech
Beloved of the Lord
What caused Jacob and his family to move to Egypt?
They asked the men of Jabesh-gilead to become one-eyed servants
Whose son was Ichabod
God sent him to point out David's sin
What Nabal means
The tribe Saul is from
Israel's first king
Abraham and Sarah's son
The first wife of Elkanah
Saul's son
Helped David build Jerusalem
Saul's replacement as king