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Rel Foundations: Christianity

Timothy and Ambrose
Jewish and Christian versions differ
Eastern adherents
Second book of New Testament
Souls of sinners stay before entering heaven
Taking a new religious identity
Mother of Jesus
How Helena knew where Jesus walked
1378-1417 Divisions over Papal Succession
Conversion of bread and wine to body of Jesus
Letters to prospective faithful
3 = 1
In charge of Temple in Jerusalem
Includes wine and wafer
1st book of New Testament
Idolater, non-believer
Sacrament accepting Jesus
Constantine's mother
Place for prayer
Covenant involving G*d's promises
Constantine presided over Council where Creed formulated
Authoritative religious text
Longest Gospel
Water into Wine
Part of Catholic Bible but not Protestant
Roman Emperor
Pertaining to G*d
Holy person or close to G*d
Empire that adopted Christianity in 312
Revealing sin
Book in Christian Scriptures
95 propositions for debate about indulgences
Commemorates Last Supper
Jesus's hometown
After llife if good
Papal residence
Preacher or rabbi
Christians believe Is. foretells birth of Jesus
A disciple of Jesus