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U.S. History Crossword Puzzle

Became a leading figure in the settlement house movement.
Used the extended power of the presidency to promote a fair- reaching agenda.
A writer who uncovers and exposes misconduct in policies or business.
A group that made loans and provided legal assistance.
A reform movement that emerged in the late 19th century that sought to improve society by applying Christian principles .
Believed that new idea's and honest, efficient government could bring social justice.
Studied law and worked as one of the country's first female school superintendents.
A political party that emerged from the Taft- Roosevelt battle that split the republican party in 1912.
Was to defend Jews and others against physical and verbal attacks.
Denounced the idea of gradual progress.
Allowed citizens to approve or reject laws passed by legislature.
A program to restore the governments trust busting power.
Belief that assimilating immigrants into American Society would make them more loyal citizens.
1914 law that strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act.
Gave voters the power to remove public servants from office before their terms ended.
1913 constitutional amendment that gave congress the authority to levy an income tax.
A community center organized at the turn of the 20th century to provide Social Services to the Urban poor.
1914 law that strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act.
1914 law that strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act