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Religion and Education (Chapter 13)

Last name of the first sociologist to show interest in studying religion
A student subculture that focuses on having fun and socializing
A religious organization that claims to include most or all members of a society and is recognized as the national or official religion
The functionalist perspective views education as a means to promote "social ______, values, and sanctions".
Theory that views religion as a source of social integration and unification
Perspective that focuses on the role of women's education in economic development
Most commonly practiced religion in the world
Large, organized religions that are not officially linked to the state or government
One of Weber's five basic characteristics of bureaucracy
A statement to which members of a specific religion adhere
Communication with a holy spirit would be considered a religious _________
Theory that believes that religion prevented social change because it forced oppressed people to focus on other worldly issues as a distraction from the issues being pushed upon them
A relatively small religious group that has broken away from some other religious organization to renew what it considers about the original vision of the faith
A practice required or expected of members of a faith