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Music Vocabulary - Choir

Raises a pitch a half step
The space between two bar lines
The degree of highness or lowness of a tone
A symbol placed on the left hand end of the staff indicating the pitch of the notes written on it
Gradually sing softer
A sign placed on a staff to indicate meter
Lowers a pitch a half step
A symbol used to cancel a flat or sharp
A set of five horizontal lines and four spaces used to designate musical pitch
Gradually sing louder
A vertical line used in a musical score to mark division between bars
Another term for 4/4 time
The unit used to measure intervals
A repeating section of music that expresses the main ideas of the song
A sign used in musical notation to represent the relative duration and pitch of a sound
A note that has been altered by the addition of a flat, sharp, or natural
A musical thought or sentence
The group of sharps or flats placed to the right of the clef to identify the key
The distance between two pitches
Sing softly
Sing loudly
The relative loudness of volume in music
A repeating phrase that is played at the end of each verse in the song
A group of pitches or scale upon which a music composition is created