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Punctuation #1

Teacher: Jim Pauff
Punctuation mark that says, "what follows explains what I just wrote."
Punctuation mark for connecting two independent clauses to one another.
What to do in order to fix unclear sentences or rearrange paragraphs.
Punctuation mark that usually comes just before a conjunction.
What to do when you change the subject in your writing.
What to do to find mistakes in spelling and punctuation.
A sentence without a subject or verb.
The same as an independent clause.
What goes around the names of story or article titles.
The easiest format for business letters.
What to do to the names of Web sites or Book titles.
Composed of a subject and a verb.
Punctuation mark for connecting an independent and dependent clause together.
Where most periods and commas should be located when quoting something.
A mistake that happens when you try to join two independent clauses together with a comma.
A sentence that pays no attention to punctuation or periods.
Used to connect two or more words together to make an adjective or adverb describing a noun or verb.
A word which, when added to a sentence, makes it a dependent clause.
Punctuation composed of two hyphen that follow one another, and often used like a colon.