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Semester 1 Vocab

Author: Darien Gus
Portion of earth's surface occupied by permanent human settlement
A location or region defined by its unique set of human characteristics.
Measures the average number of years a infant will live.
System writing used in china and east Asian countries.
Long term average weather condition in a particular area.
The gap that mat develop between a newly adopted technology.
The sustainable management of a natural resource.
Thin layer of gases surrounding the earth.
Movement from one region of a country to another.
The branch of medical science concerned with distribution and control of disease.
A restriction on behavior imposed by social custom.
Geometric arrangements of objects in space.
0 degrees latitude.
Person able to write or speak in multiple languages.
The ratio between distance on a map to the actual distance on Earth.
The single most important data source for human geographers.
A social group within a national culture imprints on a place.
Migrant compelled to move. Mainly by political or environmental factors.
Number of people in there productive years.
The adoption by an ethnic group of the ways of a host society.
A distinctive local or regional variant of a language.
Permanent move within the same country.
Spatial standardization that diminishes regional variety.
Natural increase rate. The percent by which a population grows in a year.
The visible human or cultural imprint on the land.
The complete blending of an a ethnic group into the host society.
Knowing only one language.
A zone of great cultural complexity containing many small cultural groups.
A small, cohesive, stable, isolated, nearly self sufficient group that is very homogenous in custom and race.
The border an area of space where there is usage of an individual word.
Scientific study of ecosystems.
A language derived from a pidgin.
Physical gap or interval between 2 objects.