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Biology Thanks

Bird with bilateral symmetry at feast
Father of taxonomy not invited to the "big feast"
The settlers used the ? system of measurement
Genus & species of humans at the first Thanksgiving
Yeast used to make bread rise is found in what kingdom
The Pilgrims used ? to make accurate measurements for the punch
The deer in the forest eat plants and are ?
Sponges used to wash dishes have what type of symmetry
Nut from a hardwood tree used for pie
Fire destroyed some of the forest near Plymouth Rock, soil was left, this is what type of succession?
Pine trees are ?
Ants that attended the dinner have what type of skeleton
Corn is what level on the food chain
Type of biome where Plymouth Rock is located
The bears in the forest eat meat and plants and are ?
Pumpkins belong to what kingdom
Kingdom for turkey
A wolf watched the feast after eating a rabbit, he is a ? consumer
Type of gravy with fungi kingdom member
The jellyfish floating near Plymouth rock have what type of symmetry?
The changing of the forest over time
The Indians massed the cranberries in