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5th Grade - Rainforest Vocabulary Crossword

High above; in the air; up
Plant life
Treat or store something to protect it; keep it from breaking apart
A set of objects; a group of things
An object that has height, width, and volume
A plant library
Examples; samples; a type of something
A license allowing something; giving permission
Glided; floated; moved smoothly
A bar attached to the ends of two ropes
A tropical plant with fleshy leaves; often grow on other plants
Two or more substances mixed together; used to preserve a specimen
Able to be filled with air
A flowering plant; some types grow on other plants
Paper that doesn't use acid; helps specimens last longer
Remove; pull; pick at; grasp
Places into categories; arranges; classifies
Amazing; spectacular; wonderful
Flowering part of a plant
Climb; move upward