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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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My Spelling Words #1

The hag's hands were disgustingly ______
The skeleton was _______ at the museum a year after being found
The actor _________ a famous Disney character
In her answer the student ________ to a past experience she had had
The girl ______ her friend's new toy
The engineering class was too _______ for me so the teacher excuced me from it
The couple married after ____ for years
The people of North Korea are not bad people , but they insist on __________Americans from their country
The boy _________ the throw that put his best friend in the hospital
She was _______ by the marble statue
The boat _______the water
The teacher found it _______ to drop her chalk on purpose
She ________the gift
She put the mail in the _________bin
The lady _______ red lipstick before she went on a date
He decided to build his son's confidence by secretly ______ the video game
The loss of the president _______ the country for over a year
It is ______when you see an untamed lion
Our prophet _________a temple last month
The long-lost twins stared at each other for a long time before ___________each other
When there were tryouts for the squad I thought I was ______to join
The _______ snuggle of the mother made the baby stop crying