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Civil War Crossword

Jack Cropper
Per. 7
Mrs. Fry
A brave and decisive military commander.
A method of entering a body of water.
Founded the american red cross.
Wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
An escaped slave that became a "conductor" of the underground railroad.
First wartime draft in American history.
The formal withdrawal of a state in the union.
A document freeing the slaves.
Escaped slave that became a scholar, and a politician.
The confederate states of America.
Confederate Commander that surrendered in 1865.
Stood fast at the battle of Bull Run.
3 percent tax on annual incomes.
Generally worn by people in this era.
The secret movement of freed slaves in the south.
Owning other humans to work without any benefits.
A big battle in Maryland.
President during the civil war.
The right to vote for or against slavery.
The first bloody battle of the civil war.
The President of the Confederacy.
A spear-like weapon used in combat.
A fort on an island in Charlestown Harbor.
His owner took him into Illinois and freed him.