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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What you would call "Frozen" if you turned up the heat!
Nana's last name
State furthest west that you have gone to
Unit of money you look for when you play "Find the____!"
City in New Jersey that is just across the river from Philadelphia
Nomi's sister
City (and county) where all of your grandparents live--WRITTEN BACKWARDS!
Cheese/rabbit snack you like
What you said when you found the prize
Science museum in Philadelphia where Elijah and Galit like to go
Fruit that includes Galit's grandmothers's name
Jewish holiday that this year falls on December 25
State in which Zeyde and Nana have their beach house
Street that Nana and Zeyde live on
Where Galit slept when you visited Nana and Zeyde this past summer
Show about an anthropomorphic female porker, and her family and friends.
Hebrew for wave or fountain
Number of days of Chanukah
Language Galit spoke when she was younger
Name of beach where Zeyde and Nana's beach house is
What a Jewish boy becomes when he turns 13
What you said you were when Zeyde asked you whether you were a Republican or Democrat
Kind of walk one does on TOP of Zeyde's feet
Where the world's tallest building is
Street Saba and Savtah live on
Moses's sister, also Eviatar's grandmother
Latino dsh that Galit really likes
City of brotherly love
Game with written clues that you and Galit like to play
Name of the science museum in San Francisco
Phrase meaning small amount that Nana likes to say
Kind of whale 12–16 m in length, which weighs about 36,000 kg. and has a distinctive body shape, with long pectoral fins and a knobbly head.
Food made of soy that you like to eat
Where you slept when you visited Nana and Zeyde this past summer
What was piled up on Zeyde and Nana's dining room table
Relative whose name rhymes with goose
Portmanteau word that combines "fog" and "smoke"