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Social Studies Test 2 Review

If you are a person who always prays facing the geographic origin of your religion, then you are a ________
The religious book for the faith of Judaism is the ________
If China has a surplus of silk and trades with Saudi Arabia for crude oil, then China is ________ silk
A civil war is an example of a _______ ______ factor
When a citizen is migrating out of a country, they are emigrating out of that country. When a citizen is migrating into a country, they are _________ into that country.
The spreading of culture is known as cultural _________
Economic, political, environmental, and social are four factors that cause _________
All of the major global religions founded in the Middle East are ___________
Will a country with a large amount of cultural diffusion have more or less numbers of different kinds of cultural products and practices within them?
Christianity believes this religious figure was crucified on the cross for their sins.
A ______ factor attracts a citizen to want to migrate to that country
In ancient times there was a stretch of road running from Rome to China known as the Silk Road. Culture was diffused on this road through __________
Which city is central to the Islamic faith?