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Film Music

Basil Poledouris composed which famous robot film score?
Miracle on 34th Street's score was composed by?
Who was the other film composer for the Harry Potter film.(hint: Not John Williams)
Zimmer composed which superhero Trilogy score?
Nino Rota wrote which famous film score?
Who wrote Flight of the Hippogriff?
Thomas Newman did the score for which famous Aquatic Disney film?
The Grudge's film score was composed by?
Marvin Hamlisch wrote the score to which famous musical? (hint: What i did for love)
What is the name of Darth Vader's theme?
Who did Toy Story's score?
Which composer, know for his minimalist work, also wrote the score for The Truman Show.
Vangelis wrote which famous film score starring Harrison Ford?
Howard Shore composed which famous Trilogy?
Who wrote the score for Peter Pan?
Jonathan Larson did the score to which famous musical?
Bernstein wrote the score for which famous Musical?
Dirty Harry's film was composed by?
Who did The Nightmare Before Christmas score?
Rocky's score was composed by?
Poledouris did the score for The Hunt for ____ October?
Which composer did the film score for Halloween?
Who wrote the score for inception?
Michael Convertino composed which famous Christmas movie score?
Back to Future was composed by?
Which famous film score (starring Leonardo Dicaprio) was composed by Horner?
Alex North did the score for which paranormal romance movie?
Herbert Stothart composed which innovative famous movie in colour?
Which Dystopian film score did James Newton Howard compose?
Which famous SciFi movie was composed by Jerry Goldsmith?
Who composed the famous score from Psycho
Randy Edelman did the score for which famous Jim Carrey movie?
Who did the film score for Singin' in the Rain?
Who did the score for Independence Day?
Who did the score for Lion King?
Ramin Djawadi composed which recent video game film score?
Twilight's score was composed by
The Pink Panther was composed by?