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Robber Barons Reading Review

Using your Robber Barons reading, and some words from out notes, complete the crossword puzzle.
Country of Carnegie's birth
Government should not interfere with Big Business
People who want reform or change
Rockefeller's idea to destroy competition
Highly respected leaders of industry
Money and land received by the Railroads from Gov't
He bought Carnegie Steel in 1901
Make oil pure
Rockefeller was part owner of a ___________by age 23
Rockefeller's company
The Sherman __________was the 1st attempt to limit or outlaw monopolies and trusts
Supreme Court said that the US ___________controlled trade, not manufacturing
Rockefeller felt that ______________was a waste.
Creator of theory: Survival of the fittest
Process for making steel at a low cost
He argued that it was not enough to achieve great must help people...
These people should help the poor, according to Carnegie
Tall buildings built with steel
Amount made by Carnegie's company in 1900
Leaders who achieved success and wealth....not always legally
City where Carnegie built his steel mill
Ownership of 90% of an industry
People who reach the top are the fittest
Company that Morgan created by adding Carnegie Steel to it.
Cover cheap metal with gold or silver