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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Old Testament

Who was David's best friend?
In what month is this semester over?
Which book of the Bible has the purpose of promising the defeat of Edom?
Who is not one of the father's of the people of Israel?
From where did God lead the Israelites out of slavery?
What is the primary form of Deuteronomy?
Which literary genre of the Bible contains principles?
Who did Rebekah favor?
What was the name of Sarah's maidservant?
In what book for the Bible does Naomi appear?
What is the proper word to yell during finals week? (AH)
Who built a temple in Jerusalem?
Which book of the Bible has the purpose of helping Israel understand why the righteous suffer and how to respond?
What is the name for someone who takes care of sheep?
What was one of the names of Abraham's sons?
What period of time does the book of Job take place?
What kingdom fell in 568 B.C.?
What is the primary form of Leviticus?
Which book of the Bible has the purpose of calling Israel to repentance by describing coming judgement?
What language was the Old Testament written?
Which book of the Bible has the purpose of announcing God's judgement on Judah and other nations?
Who was married to Sarah?
What book of the Bible narrates the ten plagues?
Mother of Jesus
Who wrestled with God?
What is the name of Rachel and Leah's father?
In what book of the Bible does Achan appear?
Joseph is given a colorful _______ from his father.