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Civil War

Divided the country before the Civil War
Captured Morgan and took her to Maryland
Wilmot Proviso divided what along the regional lines
They resisted by sending slaves to Canada
Argued for a perfect equilibrium
The act that helped the return of slaves
This network helped fugitive slaves
Famus for making over a dozen trips to free over 300 slaves
In the Compromise in 1850 this Senator introduced measures
The compromise that had made tension between the north and the south
These Laws were passed in the 1800's for the execution of fugitive slave acts
Belief in that the government cannot be half slave and half free
Escaped slavery under Ashmore
Would get $10 if they returned a slaved and if they were already freed they would get $5
Slaves were hidden by these people
The Senator that had a controversy between the slaved and freed states
California held a convention to adopt a state after the result of the
A president who supported California as a free state
Proposed an amendment that send a bill to millitary
Wrote Uncle Toms Cabin