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Geography Chp 6 Sec 4 Review

The nation's capital.
2nd of 2 states which contain most of the nation's petroleum.
A main industry center in the United States.
The heart of the American economy.
What prompted the shift in America's population from rural areas to urban centers?
The largest religious faith in the USA.
Location of the Pueblo Indian ruins.
Descendants of ancient asians who came to North America from Asia.
The native tribe who lived in adobe villages.
The first permanent English colony in America.
The first area (national park) in the entire world set aside for the preservation of nature and wildlife.
The largest minority ethnic group in the USA.
An example of American fast food.
The colony established by the Pilgrims in 1620.
A national park in eastern Tennessee.
The living standards in the USA are among the _?_ _?_ _?_ _?_.
A national park located in Arizona.
The native groups who followed the buffalo across the Great Plains.
A geyser located in Yellowstone National Park.
The United States has the most extensive _?_ _?_ in the world.
A native tribe who lived in the southwestern United States.
The USA is called this because it is a nation of immigrants.
1st of 2 states which contain most of the nation's petroleum