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Article I of the Constitution

by Coach Hughes
Who will issue an election to fill the vacancy if a Representative dies in office?
Take a census every ten years Congress totals the number of Reps. each state will get
How the Constitution is divided: divisions of a section
controls the agenda of the majority party
A U.S. President cannot be ________ if found guilty by 2/3s of the Senate
Who will start the impeachment process
serves a two year term
What is a Congress?
How the Constitution is divided: divisions of an article
Today chosen by direct election ( what Amendment)
How the Constitution is divided: the major divisions
The U.S. Constitution was written were?
Senate acts as a jury
term is 6 years
the President of the Senate
1st Tuesday after the first Monday of November
Redrawing district lines to favor a political party
Who determines the amount of Representatives each state will receive?
was the “Father” of the Constitution
A watchdog function over the majority party
The Introduction to the Constitution