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AP Terms Poetry

Teacher: Cook
Not stopping at the end of a line of poetry -- continuing to read the next line
Purpose is to teach or instruct
If the poem ends badly -- it starts out serious and ends with a dumb joke or insincere line---the end turns trivial and dumb
Less emphasis -- not hyperbole--lesser magnitude
A slang word -
Grammar is all wrong in the poem ---on purpose
A three lined stanza
Repeating the same consonant sound at the end of in the middle of several words
Two opposing ideas within the same piece -- discussing two ideas that do not belong together within the same poem
A nickname for a famous person or character
The first letter of several words are the same - creating a sound effect
a sentence that declares a truth about life (proverb)
A pause in the middle of a line of poetry
Each line of poetry contains the same amount of syllables, creating a beat
A poem praising a deceased person
Sounds awful on purpose