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TKAM Crossword Puzzle

The jury's verdict
Scout, Jem or Atticus, for example
Place from which Scout watched the trial
Gossipy neighbor
The kids played the Boo Radley ----
Miss Maudie made little ones for the children
Scout and Jem went to Calpurnia's
Finch housekeeper, cook & nanny
'He ain't ---, Cal, he's a Cunningham.'
Object found in the tree
What Jem did after he heard the verdict
Tom's left one had been cut off
Object of the Radley Games
What one gets at school
Harper Lee
Atticus's brother
Where Boo spent most of his time
Mr. Finch; Scout's dad
Jem chopped the tops off her camellia bushes
Tom was shot while trying to ----
Charles Baker Harris
The prosecutor
It destroyed Miss Maudie's home
The Jacobs boy
Miss Fisher
Scout's pageant costume
Mrs. Robinson
Word to describe Miss Gates
It plugged up the tree hole
Where trials take place
Atticus's sister
Miss Maudie's flowers
Two of these carved from soap were in the tree
Material proof
Cal rubbed Walter's nose in it
Mayella's right side had lots of these
What Burris Ewell had to go home and wash out
Bob or Mayella
Atticus shot a mad one