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Algebra 2 Crossword

A description given to points that lie on the same line.
To split into two equal pieces.
The distance around a circle.
A flat surface with no boundary or thickness.
Two angles whose measures sum is 90 degrees.
The constant factor of a monomial.
Angles on opposite sides of a transversal.
A portion of a circle.
A quantity whose value does not change.
A line segment whose endpoints are on the circle.
Two non-overlapping angles with the same vertex and side.
An angle whose measure is between 0-90 degrees.
An angle who vertex is in the center of the circle.
Lines that intersect at a single point.
Two angles in a polygon that share a common side.
Measure of the size of a two- dimensional region.
A polynomial of two terms.
Identical in all characteristics.
A six-sided polygon.
The path traced by a moving point.