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Texas Revolution Esther Kim 1st period 12-4-16

One of the five commanders of the Texas units in the battle of San Jacinto.
One of those who tried to defend the Alamo.
Was involved in the Conflicts in Anahuac
Direction the Mexican was army heading to during the Runaway Scrape.
Fought in the battle of San Jancinto.
Signed the declaration of Indepen.dence
Where people took everything they can, due to the approaching Mexican army.
The birthplace of Juan Sequin.
Fought in the battle of Gonzales
The number of men that tried to defend the Alamo.
Was involved in the Convention of 1832 and 1833.
Was the man who killed himself of the five guys of Texas.
Was arrested in Saltillo for 2 years.
Led the Texan army.
Had two viewpoints.
Was a Mexican general.
Bradburn being confronted by men at Anahuac.
One of the hardships faced during the Runaway Scrape.
Was involved in the Fredonion Rebellion
Was Mexian dictator.