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prelude to the Civil War

Dred Scott won his case in the Supreme Court (true or false)
Who was the last Whig elected President?
Jail term if you helped escaped slaves
This party was against Catholics and immigrants
These people weren't necessarily abolitionists -- they just were on the same side because they didn't want to compete with slaves for jobs
This means that the people will decide about slavery
_________ dollar fine if you helped slaves escape
Last name of the man who was a Newspaper Editor and founded the Republican Party.
Who was the first Republican elected President?
The first name of the guy who had a mountain named after him
This trail was 2000 miles long and took 7 months to get to California or Oregon
This part of the country was not badly hit by the Panic of 1857
This trail was 900 miles long but ran mostly through Mexican territory
Remember the _______
City in Belgium that was the site of a meeting to try to obtain Cuba from Spain
This is where the people looking for gold lived -- not very nice conditions!
Name of the best Guinea Pig Ever!
Because Lincoln only got 40% of the popular vote, we can say that he didn't have a _______
The Mexicans let Americans settle in the Texas territory but they were supposed to become citizens and _______
This is where Gold was first found in California
John O'Sullivan coined this phrase - basically means that Americans are assholes
Last name of the woman who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
This was a compromise that came from the Senate to try to keep the union together. It included a proposal slavery would still be permitted in the South.
Border ________ were pro slavery forces that rushed to Kansas to vote for slavery in that state
Mode of transportation to California before 1869 when the transcontinental railroad was built
Donald Trump should be called Sir "_____" a lot because he cant stop using social media
_________ Kansas
Militant anti-slavery guy that many say was crazy. He led a famous raid and killed some pro-slavery rebels.
This Constitution was written by proslavery forces in Kansas but never passed
Mountain men made their living by selling ______
The second president to die in office - from eating milk and cherries!
These people were sent to the "Great American Desert"
_________ bobipsie
Polk campaigned on a platform to gain the Texas and ______ territories
Feel better, _____
What you shouldn't do during the movie