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psych 101

A route persuasion that uses incidental cues to try to produce fast but relatively thoughtless changes in attitudes
Name of the person who conducted the experiments on how people obeyed orders even when they thought they were harming another person
Involves a positive or negative environmental stimulus that motivates behavior
Feelings influenced by beliefs that predispose reactions to objects, people, and events.
Theory based on genetically predisposed behaviors
Involves loss of self-awareness and self restraint occurring in group situations that foster arousal and anonymity
Presence of others arouses people, improving performance on easy or well-earned tasks
A route persuasion that offers evidence and arguments to trigger thoughtful responses
Body arousal, expressive behaviors and conscious experiences are al what type of components
A social influence to accept others' opinions as new information
Brain processes much information without conscious awareness, but mental functioning still takes place
A social influence to gain approval
Others like himself have found that people are most likely to adjust their behavior or thinking to coincide with a group standard when they feel incompetent or insecure...What is his first name?
An unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Expect things to go badly, blame others
Includes acting a social part by following guidelines for expected behavior
Who tend to read more emotional cues more easily and are more empathic?
Variation in group value of traits
Those who have an _____ locus of control believe that chance or outside forces control their fate
Tendency for any given bystander to be less likely to give aid if others are present
Those who have an _____ locus of control believe they control their own destiny
Scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate to one another
The theory that when two things go wrong, finding someone to blame can provide an outlet for anger
Sometimes emotional response takes neural shortcut that bypasses the cortex and goes directly to amygdala
Unpleasant, large-scale events
In reference to Chartrand and colleagues what effect uses mimicry to help people empathize and feel what others feel
Expect to have control, work well under stress, and enjoy good health
Theory based on right levels of stimulation
What influences aggression genetically, neurally, and biochemically?