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Sickle Cell Anemiae

Mutated form of red hemoglobin that is distorted as a result of low oxygen
First patient to have been discovered with sickle cell. His presentations included anemia, pain and respiratory complications.
An important aspect of SCD is studying _______ which is the study of the flow of blood as it traverses through circulation.
Found to protect against death or severe disease
Genus of parasitic protozoa which may cause malaria
Species of plasmodium carried by female anopheles mosquito
______ stem cell transplantation is currently the only cure for sickle cell anemia
Severe pain known as "pain _____"
One of the methods of identifying sickle cell in the blood; the movement of charged particles in a fluid or gel under the influence of an electric field.
Anti-malarial drug utilized to treat patients who are afflicted with both malarial infection and SCD
an intermittent and remittent fever caused by a protozoan parasite that invades the red blood cells.