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Geography Chp 6 Sec 6 Rev. Mexico


People of mixed Spanish-Indian descent.
Refers to the dominant language of Spanish spoken in this part of the world.
_?_ thousand captives were sacrificed at the dedication of one temple in Tenochtitlán.
A wide-brimmed hat.
The sap from the sapodilla tree that is used to make chewing gum.
The name of the native Americans who were conquered by Cortes.
Name the peninsula that lies off the western coast of Mexico.
The desert which lies south of the Rio Grande.
Mexico's major western mountain range.
Huge plantations and cattle ranches.
What the Mexicans call Mexico City.
Descendants of the Aztecs, Mayans, and other tribes.
A social class of Spanish colonists in Mexico who were born in Spain.
The desert covering the northwest of Mexico.
A Mexican food inherited from the Aztecs.
Mexico's major eastern mountain range.
The abbreviation for the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Mexican border city which manufactures more TVs than anywhere else in the world.
Spanish word for a foreign-owned factory.
A nap to avoid working through the hottest part of the day.
The Spanish conquistador who discovered Mexico in the 1500s.
Children born to peninsulares in Mexico.
The Aztec emperor who was conquered by Cortes.
Refers to the dominant language of English being spoken in this part of the world.
The center for Mexico's steel industry.
A Mexican coastal resort.