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Christmas Chuckles: Movies & Music

Always getting lost at Christmas
Weird Al Yankovic said Santa went...
Big mud tires were given for this _______ 12 days of Christmas
Evidence of who ran over Grandma (2 words)
Had weight gain and facial hair because of a special clause (2 words)
Branded laments that there are no White Christmases in this place
Her gift is at the zoo
Bing Crosby and David Bowie duet (3 words)
Experienced a spiritual transformation
Elf's fave breakfast spaghetti with
The mayor of Whoville in "The Grinch" (2 words)
Christmas day nine: ladies _______
Ryan Reynolds rival on "Just Friends" (2 words)
Bill Murray Christmas flick
Jingle All the Way villain
"Christmas Vacation" family
Kid from "A Christmas Story"
She changed the Ho, Ho, Ho phrase a bit
He saved Christmas
Santa's brother