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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Writing Test - 2

____ Day is in May.
____ Day is in June.
_____ has the most people.
We have to pay ____.
New ___ City was the first capital.
Citizens can ____.
_____come here to be free.
Washington, D.C. is the __________
They want to live in a ____ country.
____is in November.
Washington is on the ___ bill.
____was the first state.
____meets in Washington, D.C.
Labor Day is in ____.
American Indians _____ here first.
The flag has red and white ______.
Mexico is ___ of the United States.
Presidents' Day is in ____.
Washington is the ____ of our country.
____ Day is in July.
Canada is ____of the United States.
The United ____has 50 states.
We have 100 ______.
We vote for ____ in November.
Congress makes ____.
______is the largest state.
Adams was the ______ president.
____ was the president during the Civil War.
The people ____ Congress.
People came here to be _____.
Freedom of ____ is a right