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Puzzle for Paityn, Christmas edition

National Lampoon's Christmas ________. (A movie.)
A soldier that cracks food in his mouth, and also a Christmas ballet
Christmas month
The shining light in the sky that Mary and Joseph followed
Away in a ________
Crackling source of heat
The night before Christmas
You can use this as a snowman's nose, or to feed Santa's reindeer
Something on top of the tree
New years eve is celebrated at this exact time
Frosty the _____
Head reindeer who lights the way
Some believe that Santa won't come unless children are _______
Santa's toy makers
Three ______ (who came to give jesus gifts)
Santa's favorite phrase
The place where you can visit Santa in Los Angeles
Day in the month that Christmas falls
Season that Christmas is in
Santa's wife
Surprises found under the tree
Jesus' father
Jesus' mother
A favorite type of toy for little girls
White precipitation that falls from the sky
A favorite type of toy for little boys
Not a creature was stirring, not even a _______.
Number of reindeer including Rudolph
The Christmas birthday boy
What you use to travel down a snow packed hill