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Football(Note:clues about players' names only require last names)

Number of Super Bowls the Vikings have won
Number of Super Bowls the VIkings have played in
Year the Vikings got their name
First team to win five Super Bowls
Player and commentator(and husband of former talk show host) who died in 2015
Member of the Dirty Dozen who played for the Cleveland Browns
Legendary Colts quarterback that died in 2002
Field in Green Bay
Team to win the most Super Bowls
The "Father of american football"
Number of points for a touchdown
Winning team in the Heidi game
Class you missed to watch Monday Night Football(two words)
Number of Super Bowls to date
Well known thing people watch Super Bowls for
Year the NFL was formed
Atlanta Falcon who was the head of a dog fighting ring in 2007
Player the Super Bowl trophy was named for
Other team in the Heidi game
Winner of first two super bowls