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8th Grade Sections 2.4,2.5, & 2.6 The Middle & Southern Colonies & Colonial Society

Passage the slave-trading ships used to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean was known as this.
Laws that controlled the lives of enslaved Africans and African Americans and denied them basic rights.
Played a significant role in founding the colony of Pennsylvania in 1681. He supported religious freedom and self-government in Pennsylvania.
A religious movement in the English colonies in the mid-1700s, also known as the First Great Awakening.
The Middle Colonies exported so much grain that they became known as the?
A 1649 Maryland law that provided religious freedom for all Christians.
A person who cannot pay money he or she owes.
The movement in Europe in the 1600s and 1700s that emphasized the use of reason.
A crop sold for money at market.
The act of publishing a statement that may unjustly damage a person's reputation.
Colony under direct control of the English crown.
The belief that one race is superior to another.
German-speaking Protestants who settled in Pennsylvania.
Established the colony of Georgia mainly for social reasons, as a refuge for debtors.
In the English colonies, a class that included skilled craft workers, farmers, and some tradespeople.
Fulfilled his dad's mission of founding a colony where Catholics could practice religion freely. This colony was known as Maryland.
A plant used to make a valuable blue dye.
An English colony in which the king gave the land to proprietors in exchange for a yearly payment.
The owner of a large estate in a Dutch colony.
Protestant reformers who believe in the equality of all people.
The highest social class in the English colonies.
A combination of of English and West African languages spoken by African Americans in South Carolina and Georgia.