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Family Law Review Terms

P250 - Family Law
Assignment 1:  Crossword Puzzle
If a parent fails to pay all or part of the child support obligation, the custodial parent may file a motion for _________.
An agreement on a divorce trial means the case will proceed as an __________ matter.
Certain professionals are ___________ reporters, meaning that by law, under penalty of law, they are required to report any signs of suspected child abuse or neglect.
________ _______ guidelines are statutorily enacted formulas to determine the amount of child support a parent must pay.
Written questions that one party in a lawsuit serves on an opposing party.
A way in which family law disputes are settled with the assistance of a trained mediator.
A kind of trial that is conducted by the judge and not a jury.
__________ of alimony addresses the issue of whether alimony may be either increased or decreased after it is originally ordered.
The ethical rule of _______ protects communications between attorneys and their clients.
Past due child support amounts are termed this.
An agreement that is a contract between the law firm and the client that determines legal services and amounts of money paid for those services.
______ _____ motions are motions filed during the pendency period of the divorce and can deal with alimony, support and other issues.
________ property is property acquired by a spouse prior to the marriage.
A kind of trial where one of the parties to the action fails to appear at the scheduled trial date even after given proper notice.
________ visitation limits a parent's visitation rights because is dictates restrictions during the visit and the parent cannot visit the child alone.
___________ of parental rights is a court proceeding that severs the legal bond between a parent and his or her biological child.
A ________ letter will detail the client's position on the various legal issues to be resolved.
_________ property is property acquired during the marriage and belongs equally to each spouse.
A discovery procedure in which one party's attorney orally questions another party who is sworn under oath to answer questions truthfully.
Parents with this type of custody are jointly or equally responsible for the needs of their children.
A contract entered into between two parties who intend to marry.
A ________ partnership is an arrangement between same sex couples who cannot or choose not to marry.
A type of alimony awarded for a limited period of time to give the spouse the opportunity to become self-sufficient.
Refers to property that was acquired during the marriage.
_______ fees are unethical in divorce cases.
______ property is land and anything affixed to it.
The sum of all available sources of income for an individual.
A divorce action is commences when one spouse is served with this document.
The documents that state the Plaintiff's claims giving rise to the divorce and the Defendant's responses or defenses.
The Defendant spouse's failure to file an appearance can result ultimately in a _________ judgment.
A statement which sets forth a judge's decision on a particular motion before the court.