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Weeks 1-14 CC Geography Terms

A kingdom, state, or lesser district
A long, deep, hollow with steep, rocky sides worn by a stream or torrent of water
An arm of the sea, extending into land; smaller than a gulf, larger than a creek
A steep, rugged rock
An area of triangular shaped land at the mouth of a river
The point where rivers descend rapidly due to a distinct decline in elevation
A chain or range of rocks lying at the surface of the water
A deep natural hollow place in the earth, deeper than a cave
A ring-shaped coral reef, island, or set of small islands surrounding a lagoon
A great extent of land not interrupted by a sea
Soft, wet ground covered with grass or other plants
A body of water interspersed with many islands
A small natural stream of water; a current flowing from a spring
A low place between hills; a valley
A headland, a point or termination of a neck of land extending into the sea
A smaller stream running into a larger one or proceeding from it
A ridge that determines the direction water drains for adjacent water systems
An arm of the sea; the mouth of a river or lake where the tide meets the current
A neck or narrow strip of land by which two continents are connected or a peninsula is united to the mainland
A place in a river that can be crossed
The elevation of an object in relation to sea level
Soggy, swampy, slow moving body of water, obstructed by vegetation
A narrow hollow with steep, rocky sides worn by a stream or torrent of water
A valley, dale, a depression between hills
An extensive wood; a large tract of land covered by trees
A high, steep, almost vertical rock, usually on a coast
A small inlet or bay; a recess in the sea shore
A straight or narrow sea between two continents or between a continent and an island
The edge or margin of the land next to the sea
An artificial cut or passage for water, used for transportation
Hill, mound or ridge formed by blowing sand
A tract of land surrounded by water
The top or crown of a hill
A cleft or fissure in a rock caused by a disruption
A hill of volcanic material surrounding an opening in the earth
A place or point of union
The line that terminates the view when extended on the surface of the earth
A steep slope of ground rising from a lake, river or the sea
A wood of small extent
A flowing or passing of water; a stream
Rocks that break the waves
A hill or mountain of ice
The distance of a place on the globe; north or south of the equator
Vast sandy plains characterized by low precipitation
A large and extensive collection of water contained in a cavity or hollow of the earth
A port where ships can moor
A long, narrow, deep valley formed by glacial erosion and flooded by ocean water
A high bank, almost perpendicular, projecting into the sea
A small vale with woods
A large bay, a recess in the ocean from the line of the shore into the land between two promontories