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Biology Module 6 terms

A lipid in which one of the fatty acid molecules has been replaced by a molecule that contains a phosphate group
A jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended
Movement of molecules through the plasma membrane (typically opposite the dictates of osmosis or diffusion) aided by a process that requires energy
The organelles in which nutrients are converted to energy
A vacuole that holds the matter which a cell engulfs
The removal of nonsoluble waste materials
The transport of dissolved substances into cells
Fine, threadlike proteins found in the cell's cytoskeleton
Er that has no ribosomes
Non-membrane-bound organelles responsible for protein synthesis
Organelles that store starches or oils
The thin film between the cell walls of adjacent plant cells
A highly-porous membrane that separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm
Vacuoles that contain the waste products of digestion
A network of fibers that holds the cell together, helps the cell to keep its shape, and aids in movement
Vesicle that holds secretion products so that they can be transported to the plasma membrane
Substances in which at least one atom has an imbalance of protons and electrons
Producing more cells
The breakdown of food molecules with a release of energy
The removal of soluble waste materials