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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 (Is 62-1-5; Ps 89;Acts 13:16-25;Mt 1:1-25;Is 9:2-7;Ps 96;Lk2:1-16)
Man after my heart
The people who walk in....have seen a great light.
Let the heavens be.....
The father of Isaac
Appeared in a dream (4 wds)
Righteous man
They shall call him....
Engaged to Joseph
The father of Solomon
Proclaimed a baptism of repentance
Keeping watch over their flocks by night
A decree went out from....(2 wds)
Means "God is with us"
Let the earth....
Found to be with child from....(2 wds)
Declare his....among the nations
Number of generations from Abraham to David
He will save them from their sins