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Family Christmas 2016

Not good
Valentino and the red nosed raindeer
Indicates incorrect spelling
Some folks favorite hangout
Meditation word
Left under duress
One over all of our heads
Family golf pro
The whole gang
British bathroom
Dana hikes them on Pinnacle Peak
Company head honcho
Micah to Patrick
Poopy pants?
Hot tub location
It fits -- - tee
SF Momma
BDay boy soon
Famous Kansas dog
Wendy's founders initials
Steve and Gracie
Type of museum
SF Daddy
Short for "that is"
The love god
Looks great in scrubs
Flooded Louisiana city initials
California darling
Brendan writes them
Chant at the Olympics
Made the first televisions
Chant at soccer games
The kids _____ Christmas morning!
Two thirds of your hereditary material
Fun two year old
The author's sign off
Striped animal
Singing Christmas songs
Throw the --- out!
"-- you wish" from Princess Bride
Ansel Adams wannabe
Dorien ___ all his moves on the soccer field
Bad mouth
Take place
California state flowers
Not the front or the back but the ...
Two thirds of a distress signal
Internet service
Bus to Lawrence?
Momma to be
Baby Harlow will sit here
--- Cobb, famous baseball player
Opposite of direct current
Papa's running pace
And the papa to be
Who's coming tonight?
Partner of Andy
Christmas Bday girl
Ready to cry
Laundry detergent
Soccer freak
How to shorten the list
What we are fast approaching
Half of a french goodbye
Distress signal
Pavarotti and others
The name continues another generation!
Budding ballerina
-- soon as we finish this we can have dessert
Trumpeter Hirt (twice)
Put in the mail box
What you do with wild oats
Part of a money machine
Old McDonald's song refrain
Boob tube
What Harlow will call Brendan