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Fall Final Exam Vocab Review

Licencing a car, boat, jet, or paying tax on one's home is this type of tax.
A tax on consumption of goods and services. The Sales Tax and Excise Taxes are examples of this type of tax.
A request to the bank not to cash a check is called ______.
A flat tax where everyone is charged a percentage. Most commonly seen with the Payroll Tax and Property Tax.
The following type of income is not taxable for the recipient.
Something of value that can be sold to pay a debt is called the following.
Money owed to others, also known as debts, are called the following.
Specific amount paid for this tax depends on many factors but increases as income increases. Usually has tax brackets.
Income tax returns must be filed by this date, unless an extension is required.
Funds Social Security and Medicare Programs commonly known as FICA.
The amount borrowed is called ____.
Items of value that a person owns are called this.
An employer must mail to you a _______ showing your total wages and withholdings while you were employed.
A set of goals for spending, saving, and investing the money you earn is the following.
Yearly pay, or salary, is also known as this type of pay.
When taxes increases as income increases. The Federal Income Tax is an example.
Hidden tax on airline tickets, gasoline, alcohol, and cigarettes.
A tax on purchased goods and services.
Paying at a future date for the present use of goods and services or money is called.