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Ancient China

Author: Andrew Colwell
Name given the main trade route during the HAN Dynasty.
One of the best remembered accomplishments of Qin Shi Huang Ti.
Chinese culture was built around the ________.
Ornate bronze vessels used to cook meat for sacrifices.
Teaches that everything that people see is an illusion.
Chinese writing consisted of _____________.
The teaching that became the basis of magical and superstitious elements in Chinese culture.
The Shang settled along this in Northern china.
Used by the Shang to predict the future.
Wrote the classics of Chinese literature.
Emperor during the HAN Dynasty.
Chinese philosophy that believed people were evil by nature and needed strict laws.
The Chinese call him "The Master".
The dynasty that began to rule in 221 BC.
The dynasty that started ruling in 1500 BC.
A person who has reached enlightenment, but delays nirvana to help others reach enlightenment.
Procedure done by poking needles through the skin at specific points on the body.
Scientific instrument used to detect earthquakes.
The longest lasting dynasty in Chinese history.
A wise saying that expresses a simple truth.