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A Christmas Carol

Bob Cratchit felt very __________ of his son in church.
The Cratchits drank some.
Cratchit had to wear his ___________ in the office.
Fred was Scrooge's ____________.
The third spirit's robe had one of these.
A Christmas bird
Cratchit warmed his hands over one.
Tiny Tim was weak and _____________.
Scrooge saw his own __________ on the gravestone.
The Visitors wanted to __________ money.
Fred drank a _________ to Uncle Scrooge.
Scrooge refused Fred's ____________.
Scrooge never married the woman he was ____________ to.
They showed him the past, present, and future.
Caroline and her husband could not pay it back.
Everyone was preparing for the Christmas ____________.
Someone who owes money
The opposite of knowledge or education
Marley came to ________ Scrooge.
Scrooge had a very ________ life.
To sing without words; the Cratchits did this.
Scrooge __________ in his bedroom.
Someone who loves money, but hates to spend it.
A child without parents
The Visitors wanted to help the __________.
Someone who pays rent.
He wrote the story.
Scrooge __________ to give a donation.
Scrooge's favourite word
The church bells _________ on Christmas morning.
It's in the newspaper when someone dies
This person played music at Fezziwig's party.
They sang on the street.
To throw out
Cratchit worked in the front ___________.
An expression of rejection.
Scrooge had a cold __________.
Cratchit had only ________ off each year.
This story was written many years _________.
Tiny Tim used one.