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C. Y. O. A. Crossword:

The ____ believed that they should be loyal to England so war wouldn't break out.
_______ and 30 other men passed through Native American lands to continue fighting in the carolinas.
A branch of government created as part of the Constitution of 1777, where the governors are appointed by the Executive council.
The war of Independence between Britain and the U.S.
A deceleration that lead to freedom in the United States of America, from British rule.
The people who wanted no more British rule, and who fought with Paul Revere for independence from Britain.
The only black soldier to fight at the battle of Kettle Creek.
____ signed the Deceleration of Independence and were captured during the 1778 British assault.
In the ____, state judges are appointed by the legislature and the branch was created alongside the executive branch and the legislative branch.
____ was one of the 9 colonies that signed the deceleration of independence.
The second deadliest battle of the Revolutionary War.
____ was a Patriot spy who would dress up like a man and get her information from the Tories or the Whigs.
The British commander wanted to capture the rest of the colony of Georgia, so he asked for more troops.
The ____ was the war that America and the British fought each other in.
There were ____ colonies created.
The ____ was the first British tax on American colonists that made it a law that every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public legal documents had to have a stamp or another British seal.
One of the three Georgians to sign the Declaration of Independence who also served as representative to the continental congress.
Four laws passed in response to the Americans throwing tea into the Boston Harbor, during the Boston Tea Party.