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This man, leading a prayer group at the house of Felix Manz, was the first person to baptize an already-baptized adult, which was the beginning of the Anabaptist movement.
This is the communal sect of Anabaptism that is named after their founder, Jacob Hutter
This was one of the principle beliefs of Anabaptists, and consists of them strictly adhering to a policy of nonviolence
This was the city in which early radical Anabaptist formed their own Anabaptist kingdom, which was soon beseiged and conquered by a Catholic and Protestant coalition
This man, a former Catholic priest, was one of the most prominent early Anabaptist leaders and stressed the need for reformers to be peaceful. He even has a denomination named after him
This was the set of beliefs of early Anabaptists that came out of the meeting of Anabaptist leaders in Schletiheim
This man was the first adult to be baptized twice, after already having received the Sacrament of Baptism as an infant
This woman was the queen of Russia who offered religious freedom to the Mennonites who immigrated to Russia
This man, the leader of the Martyr's Synod, was an Anabaptist Spiritualist and was forced to leave his wife and children due to persecution
This man was a Mennonite who was fleeing persecution by running across a frozen moat. His pursuer fell in the water, and this man turned around saved the life of the man who was chasing him
This is the book in the Bible which contains the verse that Menno Simons put at the beginning of all of his writings.
This is the Anabaptist practice of only administering the sacrament of Baptism to consenting adults, or people old enough and mature enough to decide for themselves that they would follow Christ
This man was the leaders of the failed Munster kingdom following the death of Jan Matthys, and openly practiced polygamy and other immoral acts
This was a meeting between several early Anabaptist leaders that was given its name due to the fact that not long after the meeting concluded, many participants were martyred
This man was one of the first Anabaptist martyrs and it was in his house that the first believers baptism was held
This was an Anabaptist book that told the stories of several early Anabaptist Martyrs
This man, a Catholic monk, is credited with starting the Protestant Reformation, and also has a Christian Denomination named after him
This man was an Anabaptist preacher who was formerly a bookbinder and book salesman. He became a widely respected travelling preacher, and preached that the second coming of Christ was near.