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A Christmas Carol

The day when Scrooge is a changed man
The season in which the play takes place
The emotion Scrooge feels at the end of the play
The author of "A Christmas Carol"
Scrooge's business partner's name
Cratchit wants this in the movie to stay warm
Scrooge says this all the time
The servant who keeps Scrooge's house warm
The place where poor people go to work
Mr. Cratchit's first name
Cratchit's daughter's name
The word that Scrooge says when he is trying to get the gentleman out of his shop
Scrooge's nephew
Scrooge's old boss who loves Christmas
The time when the ghosts will visit
Another word for a play
This chases Scrooge when he is small and with The Ghost of Christmas Future
One of Scrooge's servants
One of the children that come with The Ghost of Christmas Present
A trait belonging to Scrooge before he changes
What Scrooge cares most about in life
Describes the slanted words read by the narrator
The other child under The robes of The Ghost of Christmas Present
Are scared of Scrooge at the beginning of the play
The number of Christmas Eves that Marley has been dead
The little girl rings this
A trait belonging to Scrooge after he changes
Makes Scrooge's food
Word that means to change and become better
A word used to describe the person telling the story
Part of the title of the play and means "song"
This ghost cannot speak
The day that Marley died
This ghost looks like a child's doll
The city where the play takes place
Scrooge buys this for the Cratchit family at the end
The woman who Srooge loves
Scrooge's sister
Scrooge's first name
Marley's chains are made of these
The little girl stood for this
The servants take these from Scrooge after he dies
The ghost of Christmas Future shows this to Scrooge
This ghost looks like Fezziwig
Fezziwig throws one of these for his employees
Cratchit's youngest child who is very ill
The number of spirits who visit Scrooge, not including Marley
Cratchit's oldest son's name
Young Scrooge loves to do this