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Crossword puzzle Latin 12

Teacher: Georgina Goetz
The Roman believed that the dead one would be... in the underworld.
The opposite of short
A... is hunting animals in the forest.
Latin word for never
How do the Roman called the "underworld place" where the good one live?
Amant ... amare
Poculum est...
In the ... were lots of different shows with animals and Gladiators
It's an animal what love to sleep, but also to play. A pet with soft fur.
How many festivals were there for the dead ones?
Nox stellae ... superius silva
Animal feliciem ... in selva
When a person died his... will burn with him
Fantasy animal which only comes out at full moon
The spectator ... while they were watching
Ingenes lupus ... in silvam media nocte
Ashes were buried in... of many Materials, including stone, metal and glass
There are nor stars ....
Matella et amicus... dixerunt
Roman people were afraid of the... of the dead one
Nox cum multi ...