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Gerdes Sommers Family Christmas 2016

The pro sports team of which I am the best fan EVER
My current favorite pet
The name of my dearly departed guinea pig
My Fantasy Football Co-Manager
Italian maker of Mom's racist Nativity set
What do I get for free nearly every day
The best mother-fucking, cock-sucking show on TV
Who will Lloyd never follow into a bathroom?
Our family's favorite baby other than Giles
If you're going to kiss boys, kiss them one at a ____
If you're going to get in trouble, don't get _______
How much Leslie used to pay me to play with her
Ralph has trouble cleaning this general area
Buy me this clothing size at Christmas at your own risk.
The word everyone in the English- speaking world mispronounces except for me
Who would win a fight among all the cats?
Gramma's saying about loose women. "She's no _________"
Mom was afraid that the Golden Hour might conflict with what other hour
Giles will have a low to average IQ due to the circumference of this
Dad's favorite type of cigar
Mom and Dad's old favorite restaurant
Leslie stole the money I made her pay to play with me back from where?
This Abbey is not Downtown but ______
Dad's very special nickname for me
The one type of person I'm never allowed to date is a _________
What mom calls really mean people
What Giles named my frog
What Lloyd knows never to say to me
Dad's favorite movie song lyrics: "Me too, ____
Mom and Dad's favorite kind of wine
Gramma Zumwalt loves eating this food more than any other
This is the dirtiest nationality
Only alcoholics drink wine before this time of day