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Merry Christmas Kurt!

Cruise, camping, etc
Push that snow!
Using tape and paper
Cold as ___! (song)
Silvery stuff on tree
____ and slide
They fall from the sky
An actor ____ after a performance
Decorate this at this time of year
One of the seasons
Santa's transportation
Charlie's dump activity
Swirling snow
A famous snowman
Ho-Ho-Ho sayer
Wooden ride
Last month of the year
Welcome guest during winter
Blake Harm's hobby
Early call in the morning
National ________ on the calendar
Things attached to shrubbery
Not hot
Popular food during this season
Pertains to Mom's favorite part in "Jingle all the Way"
Nature's decoration for outside of house
Important to hold presents together
They are hung above the fireplace
Bunny hill, moguls, etc
Reason for you and your love to kiss
Icicles on tree
Frustrating part of decorating
Pretty flames
The most famous of all
Creature made by children of all ages
Used to push from one place to another