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Desert PLANTS vs Tropical Plants

Bromeliads live in the tropics and have leaves that form a vase which holds ________.
Desert perennials survive the dry seasons by remaining ______ during this period and springing to life when rain appears.
Trees in the rain forest have large , flat, and ______ Leaves.
In the rain forest plants that live on the surface of other plants are classified as __________.
Xerophytes such as ________ have various adaptations for conserving water.
Most desert plants have heat and _______ resistant Seeds.
Many Tropical rain forest _______ have a drip tip.
Tropical palms have specialized _____ called stilts or props which may grow above the ground because of excessive amounts of rainfall.
Cacti leaves tend to be ______ and pointy.
Plants in the desert have few or no leaves so water is stored in their________.