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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Islam-Review sections 1 & 2

Teacher: Gail Jones
By the time the fourth caliph died, the Arab Empire had spread to include all of southwest _____________.
Many of the people conquered by the Arabs had to become Muslim and learn this language.
The largest and richest town in Arabia that was a crossroads for trade and an important religious site.
The army of slave soldiers created by the sultans.
The capital city of the Umayyad dynasty
How the Arab merchants transported goods across the desert.
These merchants brought paper, gunpowder, and fine porcelain from China to India.
A group that spent its time praying and teaching Islam
Muhammad and his followers moved from Makkah to Yathrib during a journey they called the __________
Successor to the Messenger of God
When Mohammad died this religious nation split into the Shiites and Sunnis because they could not agree on who should succeed Mohammad.
Prophet and founder of Islam
A new capital city that the Abbasid dynasty built.
Modern country with more Muslims than any other country
. A Selijuk ruler or “holder of power”