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The catcher in the rye

Who did Holden meet at the sandwich bar?
What is the name of Holden's sister?
Whos mother did Holden meet on the train?
Whats the color of Holden's hunting hat?
What record did Holden get for Phoebe?
What is the name of Holden's current school?
Whats did Maurice steel from Holden?
What does Holden’s brother D.B. do for a living?
Whats was the name of the prostitute Holden meets.
The __ in the rye.
Who does Holden like?
Where does Holden's go after he leaves the school?
Most used insult.
What did Holden and Luce discuss?
What was the name of Holden's brother?
Where does Holden meet Maurice?